Why Invest

10 Reasons to Invest

1. New Dawn CEDIFs have paid dividends every six months since 2006.[1] New Dawn CEDIFs have paid $1, 200,000 in dividends to New Dawn CEDIF investors.

2. Every penny of the CEDIF monies invested through New Dawn stay in Cape Breton. New Dawn does not engage with third party investment or wealth management groups.


Ethical Investment Policy

The New Dawn family of CEDIFs invests CEDIF monies to earn dividends for its investors. Whilst it is mindful of its obligations to the well-being of its investors, to invest in a way that seeks maximum return from those investments, the New Dawn family of CEDIFs is committed to ensuring that investments are made in a responsible manner...


Guiding Principles

Each year Nova Scotians buy $600 million in traditional RRSPs. Less than 2% of this is reinvested back in Nova Scotia once it reaches the national and global centres of capital. Access to capital is required for community and economic development and revitalization. Recognizing the disconnect between our local need for capital and our propensity to invest our personal savings in Toronto, Montreal and New York, for more than a decade New Dawn has administered a Community Economic Development Investment Fund or CEDIF. New Dawn’s CEDIF companies are developed and stewarded based on the following Guiding Principles...