What can I expect from the New Dawn Innovation Fund throughout the year?


In your first investment year, the money that has been raised through the investment campaign is typically lent out in June after final approval from the province has been received. Consequently, you will receive your first dividend cheque the following December/January.

In each subsequent year, you will receive by mail a dividend letter and cheque (if you have non-RRSP CEDIFs) or a dividend letter indicating the amount earned and deposited in your RRSP account (if you have self-designated RRSP CEDIFs) in July and January.

New Dawn also places an ad in the Cape Breton Post in July and January indicating that dividends have been issued and the dividend rate.

With your annual January dividend you can also expect to receive an invitation to our investors’ luncheon held in January or February.

You will receive your last cheque six months after the five year anniversary of your investment. You receive ten cheques over five years with the first and last cheques having been delayed by six months.

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