2015 New Dawn Holdings

Companies seeking an investment from the 2015-2016 Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF), managed through New Dawn Holdings Limited, are encouraged to submit an application to New Dawn Holdings Limited by Tuesday May 31, 2016. The total funds available to be invested in all successful applicants in 2016 is $600,000.

Applicants representing existing or proposed companies should include in their submission the following items (1) a business plan setting out the business proposal and required funding;  (2) a three-year financial projection of revenues and expenditures; (3) three references;  (4) an explanation of the employment and/or export potential of the business; and (5) contact information.

An investment committee, on behalf of New Dawn Holdings Limited, will evaluate all proposals based upon five criteria: the level of risk; potential for profit/growth; potential for employment; potential for export growth; and the sustainability of the business in the long term.

All applicants will be contacted by a representative of New Dawn Holdings Limited within 14 days of their submission.

Successful applicants will receive notification of the investment conditions associated with a formal offer of investment from New Dawn Holdings Limited.

Inquiries regarding this opportunity can be addressed to John Whalley, CFO, New Dawn Enterprises.

John Whalley

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 902-539-9560 Ext. 236

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